core adhesive vs. thickened epoxy plus core material

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    1962 Hydrodyne Delux 1700
    Hello fellow Hydrodyners. When replacing a core, what advantage if any, is gained from using a core adhesive vs. thickened epoxy? Secondly, what wood core material, besides the end grain balsa is best for the 1960 era Hydrodynes? My first restoration of a 1962 looked like it used spruce which I replaced with white oak. The current 1965 project used pine. Anyone know for sure what type of wood works best with this boat and epoxy resin? Thanks in advance for your advice.
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    Balsa is the wood of choice because it is light and porus. Oak is heavy and non-porus. Pine is somewhere in between but cheap. I used core adhesive in my project but see no reason thickened epoxy would not work.

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