Hydrodyne drone minesweeper in the Long Tau River

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    All of the following may already be on this forum, however if it is, I couldn't find it, so if it is I apologize for posting it again.

    I don't know how to make a link to a PDF but If you do a search for "Hydrodyne drone minesweeper in the Long Tau River"
    and click on the following PDF in the search results.

    "PDF Related to Monthly Summaries, 1967 July - Naval History"

    you will find a photo of a Hydrodyne minesweeper along with a few word about the boats at about 100 pages into the the document. (Near the bottom of the document)

    Also if you click on the following link, I may be wrong but I believe many of the photos of minesweepers are Hydrodynes. The Hydrodyne minesweepers were 23 feet long.


    And following is a link to a YouTube video that I also think has Hydrodyne minesweepers in it.


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